Sending a little "Feliz Cumpleanos!"

Sending a little Feliz Cumpleanos love to Ric today! Although he doesn’t follow my blog, I’m sure he would have appreciated this.


I made him an Oldie’s CD with a cover I used from this poster:


I got him Laker tickets vs. the New Orlean Hornets for this Friday:


I also picked up a “birthday outfit” for him since he’ll be at school all day today and it’s always fun to get new clothes:

dsc_8927_rollover vintageredplaid

And seriosuly….it was a Quicksilver plaid shirt and some Lucky Jeans. He refuses to wear t-shirts…what is UP with that….oh…and I’m excited…he once asked me why he didn’t own any sweater vests? I’m not sure why he doesn’t, but now he has two:


One solid grey and one argyle! Aren’t you just loving my models 🙂

Ahhh….I think that’s it! I cooked him breakfast this morning, kissed him farewell, and plan on greeting him with a candlelight dinner tonight when he gets out of class.

il_430xn54659822love you ricky ricardo.


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