The Day of Amor

I LOVE Valentine’s Day and I’ll tell you why. People who say, “Valentine’s Day IS Every Day” know that’s a crock of lies if I’ve ever heard one. Because in all honesty…it isn’t. People are wayyy to busy to make Valentines Day “everyday” so hence one day was created to show great appreciation for the love of your life!

Ric’s really good with this holiday…my favorite was probably last year. I had just walked in the door and there were rose petals EVERYWHERE. The candles were lit, dinner was ready and my first thought was….OMG he’s going to propose tonight. I mean….he must! The signs were everywhere…alas…he did not propose that night, but his efforts were so sweet. And me on the other hand….what do I do? Absolutely nothing, because I firmly believe it’s a day all about the ladies…but have since changed my mind. The men in our lives need love too so I’m attempting heart shaped pancakes this weekend since Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone 🙂



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