In Other News

I have a confession. I know its probably not a big one, but when Suzy Orman comes on t.v….I become entranced and everything she says sticks in my head. Just the other week, she was on Oprah and I was at home watching her when she said there are 3 things EVERYONE must have as a part of their 2009 financial resolution this year.

  1. Do NOT spend money for one day. (Easy peasy I thought…I go for days without spending money.)
  2. Do NOT use your credit card for one week. (Pish tosh…we rarely use credit cards anyhow.)
  3. Do NOT eat out for one month. (This was the part where the entire audience groaned…so did I in my living room. One girl said, “I can’t do it because of #3. I can do the rest though.” So Suzy said, JUST TRY! aHH…I suppose we’ll try, but I seriously don’t think it’s going to work. What about TACO Tuesdays? The best deal in the entire universe?)

Think you can do it? If you somehow manage to complete this challenge, I’d love to hear how you did it!


In other news…I accomplished some things this week. We scheduled our engagement photo session with our photographer and I bought Laker tickets for Ricardo’s birthday! Where’s the connection you’re asking? Well…Ric’s birthday is a few days before our e-photo session and the game is actually on the day we take our pictures. It makes me a little nervous, but I think it’ll loosen him up a bit when we take pictures KNOWING he gets to go to the game afterwards. And who knows? Maybe I’ll give him the tickets while we’re taking our pictures and SURPRISE him. Ahhh…I LOVE surprises.


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