What a HOOT!

As some of you may know…I have a thing for owls. I think it all started at Pike’s Fish Market in Seattle. Ricardo and I had gone up the Pacific Northwest to see some friends and a certain bracelet caught my eye at the market. It looks very similar to the photo below, but not so native american indian-ish. Much cuter, I promise!

nw_brac_12833So here we are at the market…and I’m going back and forth in my head trying to decide if I really want it. Ricardo saw me battling this mentally so he said…you want it! I’m going to go get it! So I tell him…only get it if you can swindle it down as low as you can go. Ricardo is SO not a swindler, but I watched him in action and I forget how much he gets it down to, but I remember he did good! YAY for Ricardo!

Well…Katy visited me this weekend and guess what Christmas gifts she brought for me!


Cute little owl salt and pepper shakers!

Microsoft Word - Document4Cute little owl ornaments!

PLUS: Cute little owl sachets  not pictured from Anthrolpologie!

Ahh….lucky me! I think its their eyes that captivate me or maybe because they’re old and wise, but still graceful looking. HOO knows?


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