Wedding Update

I guess now would be a good time to give you an update on how things are coming along! Let’s see…I made a board a while back about all the things I would need for our wedding. I’m sure I will need more…but this was a good starting point.


So far…I have almost everything on this board except for the parasols, mason jars, wooden signs and wood logs. I’ve also noticed some things are better to buy than rent. Seriously…who knew wedding planning can be so much fun, but a little stressful as well. I have to admit…we went over our budget pretty quick (just a teensy tad), but now that we’ve locked in all our vendors, we’re ready for some fun DIY projects. Ideally…I would like to be as green as possible in an attempt to have an eco-chic wedding. We’re trying to be super resourceful by re-using things we already have and staying simple. I guess I’m a little more practical these days so I can’t buy anything unless it’s on sale (meaning extremely discounted…more than on sale…like clearance!) or I absolutely can’t stand to live without it. I think I’m slowly changing into a new person.


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