what I didn't love from 2008

Being a committed holiday card sender every year, we receive many holiday cards in return. We also receive family newsletters, which I’ve heard…some people love and some people don’t love too much. We had a discussion about this at work one day and it was funny to hear what everyone thought. I guess some people just don’t care that little Suzy made the honor roll again for the umteenth time this year…and some people care so much, they have to put it in a newsletter. In any case…I enjoy most of the updates I receive from our family and friends.

I’ve also heard about people sending out letters about all the bad, but humorous things that happen to their family throughout the year instead of all the good things, which could be fun. I thought that was an interesting spin…so to all my friends who didn’t have such a great year…maybe this will make you smile 🙂

    1. I took my car in for an oil change and found out all 4 of my tires were near balding. Not wanting me to operate a deadly machinery, Ricardo decided my Christmas gift would be new tires. Joy.
    2. I went grocery shopping at Von’s one day only to come back and find a $25 off coupon in my mailbox.
    3. We made a silly promise to our niece that we would match whatever her mom gave her for good grades. She called us one day and told us we owed her $80 dollars.
    4. I left a note for my neighbor upstairs about a noise complaint that went late into the night back in March. You know…the noises that one makes with a partner that wakes me up at 2 am on a regular basis. She had cancer and I found out she passed away mid-November and I feel horrible. Now our doorbell rings and no one’s ever there. I’m pretty sure it’s her, but Ricardo tells me it’s a faulty wiring in our doorbell because he knows I’m afraid of ghosts.
    5. Ricardo accidentally baked a pizza one Tuesday night for dinner when I got home from work. We all know tacos are$1 on Taco Tuesdays at the local Mexican hot spot down the street from our house. He was really angry about this on Wednesday.
    6. I donated blood back in May and now the American Red Cross won’t stop calling me. They call every other night at 8:30 pm and I made Ricardo answer one time, because I just couldn’t take it any more. I promise to donate more next year, but please stop calling.
    7. We started pre-marital counseling and I’m embarrassed to say our Pastor knows more about us than anyone we know.
    8. Ricardo has a best friend that’s locked up in San Luis Obispo. We filled out visitation forms and I told him, if there’s anything you need to tell me now…please do, because I’m going to find out eventually. He assured me there was nothing I didn’t know about in his past. Only to come find out, my form was approved and his wasn’t for not fully disclosing his arrest history. Hmm…looks like he failed to disclose that information to me as well.
    9. I’m pretty sure I went to work one day with a cardigan that was buttoned up off by one all lopsided and didn’t even know it until I got home. Why don’t people  at work ever tell you this?
    10. We woke up one morning to go to an “estate sale” in Long Beach… instead, it was someone selling jewelry out of their apt. unit….and definitely NOT an estate sale. We were picturing ourselves on Antique Roadshow showing off our $3 find worth $1.2 million. Maybe next time.

      So there you go….my top 10 uneventful events of 2008 that people try to usually forget. I’ve re-hashed them in hopes that if you had a bad year, at least you don’t have a ghost ding dong ditching your home. Happy New Year Everyone…2009…here we come!



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