my honey's heart

You know how they say a person’s character is “who you are when no one’s looking.” I’m often amazed by Ricardo, but I think he doesn’t fully understand how much I admire him at times.

We were out and about this past weekend finishing up our Christmas shopping and decided to stop by an Italian deli for lunch. So we order and off I go in search of a restroom. I had to walk around the whole darn building and still couldn’t find the thing so I went back into the deli. When I went back inside, Ricardo was at the counter taking care of the bill and I see him hand over a sandwich to a homeless man. I mean…I’m not sure if he was homeless, but his hair was disheveled and he looked like he could have been homeless. So we get into the car and I asked him about what just happened. Apparently, he was standing in line and felt compelled to ask the homeless man if he could buy his sandwich for him. The guy said that would be great. He told me, “Why not help the guy save $5 for something else he might need if I can.” I guess I forget sometimes the hearts of good people. There are a lot of families out there this year that need simple things like food and blankets. It’s a tough year this holiday season and I think we understand how hard it can be since we’ve had those tough Christmases before growing up with our families.

Since the Navarro’s celebrate on Christmas Eve, this leaves Christmas morning pretty much open for us. We would usually go up to San Simeon to see the elephant seals and zebras alongside Hwy 1 on the Hearst property, but I think we’ll be spending Christmas morning at a homeless shelter this year helping out.

We’re hoping this season that you give charitably from your heart if you can. Be it to an organization close to your heart or to families who are in need of simple necessities.



One thought on “my honey's heart

  1. Adrienne says:

    you mean there are still some good people out there??? Kinda gives me hope.

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