And there was no POLKA…

I waited all night…until I finally accepted the fact that there would be no polka. Bummer. I was ready too…yeah right, huh? I was actually quite relieved, but disappointed at the same time. Ric’s company party was a lot of fun this year. We had a beautiful view of Newport Harbor and the decorated boats that passed by all night. Ricardo said his favorite moment was standing outside on the deck when we took a few minutes to get some fresh air and to have some alone time together…I didn’t tell him…but that was my favorite moment of the night too.

Here we are with Ricardo’s boss Nick…the sweetest man you’ll ever meet. He’s the type of man that always greets you with a kiss on the cheek. We went to his daughter’s wedding last year and now we hear she’s expecting. Yay! I hope he’ll be able to make it to our wedding next year!



We had steaks that were too rare and Ricardo tried Creme Brulee for the first time. I don’t think he was all that impressed with the fancy dessert, but at least he tried it. Holiday parties always bring back good memories for us…did you know we met at a company holiday party 4 years ago this month? Ahhhh…how time flies.


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