Christmas Wish List

I find it a little surprising…but I don’t have much on my Christmas Wish List this year. Ricardo on the other hand…can’t wait for his Christmas gifts. So far, I’ve ordered him the Iron Man and Dark Knight Blu-Ray DVD’s.  I think he also wants a PS3 game where mortal combat goes up against batman or something. I always get him new PJ’s and this year…my heart aches when he looks at the 42″ plasma high def flat screen panel, please mount me to the wall and get surround sound bose speakers so I can watch my blu ray dvd’s and pretend I’m really Batman when I’m playing the PS3 game because the graphics are so awesome and I think I can really fly because the screen is so big and our living room is so small and it feels so good moment. Ahh…and ’tis the basketball season so I’ll lose the t.v. to every game and have to hear about how: I love the Lakers and this t.v. makes me feel like I’m actually at the game sitting next to Jack and Leo courtside because the only place I sit are in the nosebleed sections and even though my wonderful girlfriend will probably get me tix for my birthday in February, how great is it that I’m practically at the game while I’m on the couch eating cheetos?

Am I ready for a 42″ plasma t.v. in our tiny home…I’m not sure,  but I guess we’ll see in a few weeks huh!

Anywho…what’s on your wish list??


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