Starting to think about traditions…

I LOVE traditions. I love the idea of doing something that can be passed on for years and years. I guess…as Ricardo and I prepare to get married, I’ve been starting to think more about traditions and some we might want to start on our own before we have children. Of course, we’ll probably start some really good ones too when we get to the point of having some, but for now…I’d like to try to start some just for us.

Which brings me to Advent Calendars and Christmas Stockings. Ricardo didn’t grow up with them. I didn’t grow up with them. In fact…Ricardo doesn’t even understand the concept of them I think.

Advent Calendars are GREAT. Everyday, starting from December 1st, you open up a little tab to find a little chocolate and you do this every day up until Christmas Eve. It’s like a little countdown calendar to Christmas. My college roommate had first got me started on advent calendars and I in turn, tried one with Ricardo one year. UNTIL…one day…I go to find my chocolate…and apparently…every window from by calendar had been busted open and he had eaten every chocolate out of the calendar. I was disappointed because now I had no countdown so I stopped the advent calendars. Bummer. His mom told me when he was younger…he would open up all the Christmas gifts and then tape them back up before Christmas Day.

advent-calendar picture-1-729250

So seriously…how do you think he would do with stockings? I was tempted to get us stockings this year, but one…he would peak inside every time there was a new item. And two, I’m not sure he understand the concept of stuffing a stocking. So maybe these kind of things are reserved for children?

2291519421_6d321ae08b stockings_1


One thought on “Starting to think about traditions…

  1. cat says:

    traditions are fun 🙂 but i think its more of a girl thing ..hehehe

    thanks for you suggestion! i was trying to come up with another way to consistently post that isn’t a daily thing!

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