the holidays are near

With Thanksgiving right around the corner…the holidays came really fast for us this year. In any case…I’m most excited for Lucy’s tamales, company parties and picking up our Christmas tree. I will gladly further explain.

  1. Lucy (Ric’s mom) makes the best darn tamales during the holidays and usually send us home with enough tamales to last us for a few weeks. And Ric’s favorite? The veggie tamale! What a weirdo huh? They are quite delicious though. And his favorite enchiladas? Papas enchiladas….as in potatoes! If you didn’t know….you would probably think he’s a vegetarian or something…but he’s actually quite carniverous. Go Figure!
  2. tamales

  3. Now onto company parties. Ahhh…how I LOVE company parties. I mean…who doesn’t enjoy a good dinner and drinks for a night out on the town? And all on the company’s dime. Although…quite similar…but so different are the companies Ric and I work for. Ric always has his party at the Balboa Yacht Club since his President is a member. The owner is also from Lithuania….so they’re HUGE Polka dancers. Yes folks…you read that right. POLKA! The music will be playing, people will be dancing and then they stop everything! And someone get’s on the mic and says, “It’s Polka TIME!” Then they start to skip very fast around the room holding their partner looking at each other face to face. I don’t even think they look at their feet. It’s crazy I tell you…I’ve never seen anything like it before. But this year..I vow to POLKA and hope I don’t get trampled on. I’ll let you know how it goes. Our company party will be held at a restaurant located at the top of Anaheim Hills this year…a pretty ritzy place I’ve heard. I look most forward to seeing everyone dressed up, meeting significant others, and of course…the raffle prizes.
  4. 20060227_fg11

  5. Picking up our Christmas tree is an adventure. We picked out our first Christmas tree together last year and I have to say…it was close to adopting a puppy. Exactly 2 blocks down our street…a tree farm goes up every year…supposedly…this has been their spot for decades (a family owned business) and the trees come in via train from the Pacific Northwest. We have hot chocolate, hang out…and pick out the MOST perfect tree. I’ll say…hey hun…how about this guy? And he’ll say…how about this little guy? It’s always a guy and we name him Ferny. Then after careful inspection of his imperfections, Ricardo and I lug it back up the 2 blocks to our place and start the decorating. I’m most excited this year because I have NEW ornaments that have never been hung on our tree before. Being the thrifty person that I am…and knowing it would come oh so soon…I bought the cutest ornaments last year AFTER Christmas ended from Anthropologie. I remember convincing myself I would totally regret it if I didn’t buy them. Ahhh….smart woman I am. I can’t wait to open up our holiday box. A few of my favorites this year I hope to snatch up after Christmas is over. I have a connection to owls if you’re wondering.

ornaments by aqtang


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