times are tough?

Now that I’ve cut down my Frogurtz hours…I’m really just making enough to cover my weekly gas expenses, and I am totally not complaining. Ric still thinks I’m crazy, but I’ll just keep pretending that he admires me for working two jobs. I’m so in denial.

So…let’s talk about the the most asked question and statement made when I’m working at Frogurtz.

  1. “Do you go to Long Beach State? Are you a student there?” This is where I say…oh no…I graduated a looong time ago. Then they ask me from where? And then I have to tell them Cal Poly (SLO), 2005, and state my degree. And they say…oh. Hence the awkward silence because now it sounds like I graduated and couldn’t get a job and somehow ended up as a Frozen Yogurt Enthusiast. So then I feel obligated to tell them about my day job and explain…I only do this two nights a week, I actually work full time in the day, blah, blah…but this probably doesn’t help my situation because then…75% of them go on to make the following statement.
  2. “Oh…two jobs huh…well, times are tough you know.” Right about now….I feel pretty stupid. And lame…and pathetic…and pretty much borderline suicidal because I can’t believe I’m standing there talking to someone who thinks I’m so desperate, but how can I blame them? It seems that way doesn’t it? And what can you say to that…so I just leave it be and take it for what it is. And let the good times roll.

To make matters worse…my boss caught me this morning separating my cans from my bottles underneath my desk (it’s in a box people) I’ve collected over the year to drop in the recycling bin in our break room. That’s what I was doing…but that’s not what he saw. I looked like a bag lady that sneaks in people’s garbage looking for cans. I just remember looking up and seeing this appalled look on his face. I tried explaining to him: “It’s not what you think it is, Jim” laughing in hysteria almost rolling on the floor and so humiliated that I was caught…but I’m not sure if he believed me.

I was just cleaning house I tell you! It’s bad enough he gives me quarters on a continual basis understanding my frustration for having to wash clothes at a laundry mat, but he has also caught me many times moon lighting at my desk. I bribe him with Frogurtz occasionally, but what better time to work a little self pity and sweeten the deal right? I mean…my review’s just around the corner and I think this can realy all work towards my advantage. At least I’m hoping it will…but trust me..it’s not why I’m doing it. It was just bad timing I tell you.  And the whole job on the side deal? Why not cure boredom and needs for fossil fuel at the same time? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one out there with a sometimes lame, but very sweet second job?


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