I can't believe it…I scored a GOCCO!

What is a GOCCO you’re all probably wondering? It’s AMAZING! It’s this printing toy from Japan that made it to the US, but they were stopped in production due to lack of interest in Japan. So now…if you want one…you have to bid on Ebay (which can go up to $300) and it takes weeks for them to get here on top of the muy expensivo shipping cost.

A better explanation from Wedding Bee:

A Gocco is a fully self-contained compact color printing system. Gocco printers are an increasingly popular way to DIY Save the Dates, wedding invitations, and maps/directions to a wedding venue.

Gocco printing systems enable you to create professional quality silk screened prints at home. It uses flashbulbs similar to those used in old cameras to thermally imprint an original image onto a master screen, which can then be used to make prints. Goccos can print on paper, fabric, wood, napkins, and even Plexiglas.

So here I am….longing for a Gocco. Because with this amazing press…I would be able to print on a million things in mass production…beautiful and yet affordable! The possibilities are endless I tell you!

Moping around one day at work…I ask my dear friend Cindy who has family from Japan if she had ever heard of a Gocco! She had never heard of it, but sent an email to a friend at the Japanese church we currently attend every so often. It’s where we meet with our pastor for pre-marital counseling. And to our amazement…her friend had one stored in her closet that she’s been meaning to get rid of. Could you believe that? Not only that…it’s barely been used and she has EVERYTHING for it! I was ecstatic! She made me an offer I couldn’t refuse…so this Sunday…I will meet my Gocco for the first time and am SO excited!


2 thoughts on “I can't believe it…I scored a GOCCO!

  1. meg says:

    Ang! I am soooo jealous. I was given a Gocco printer when I was little, but didn’t use it too much because I was so young. Now I’ve lost track of mine. I hope you have loads of fun with yours! On etsy.com you can find cheap supplies!

  2. Jasmin says:

    Ang you lucky girl! I can’t wait to see what you create with it!

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