Economic Crisis?

I’ll be honest. I’m not too scared, but I should be right? And why am I not worried? Because I have no idea what’s going on besides the obvious that we need a HUGE bailout! There’s two channels that are always on in our little home. One: ESPN and Two: CNBC.

In great efforts to make me a more aware citizen, Ricardo logged me onto last night and asked to pick any one article of my choice and to read it. I can’t believe he gave me a homework assignment. So I did…and I became a little more informed…but I guess knowing that we’re in trouble is not enough. Discussions about economics, politics and all the happenings in the finance industry doesn’t strike me as a woohoo topic! I want to feel that we can talk about ANYTHING together…so I think I’ve made this promise before…but didn’t quite live up to it. So here we go again…wish me LUCK!


One thought on “Economic Crisis?

  1. dankwonjr says:

    I figure the ESPN is for you Ang.. and the CNBC for the dog

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