What do you get with Frozen + Yogurt?

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I was on this blogging frenzy and then I dropped it cold turkey. I think I blogged myself to exhaustion to be honest with you….so question of the day? What do you get when you take Frozen + Yogurt? You get…

For the entire summer…Ricardo and I have been driving past this place (that has not yet opened) everyday from work thinking…gee…when is this place going to open because it’s only a few blocks from our house and if I can walk anywhere to get some fro-yo…I’m all for it.

Just about the same time last year…you might remember my urge to pick up a second job. Well that didn’t quite work out because I wanted to have my holidays off. But in truth…it was the drive that was driving me crazy! I would get home too late from Newport Beach and plus…I think the crowd at my store was a little too OC’d for me.

So I’m sitting at home one night…and it all of suddens comes to mind. I bet you Frogurtz MUST be hiring! Do you ever think how brand new stores open up? Like…where do they find their employees if they’re a brand new store? So I googled their website…applied to be a yogurt enthusiast and crossed my fingers. Ricardo think’s I’m crazy! He doesn’t think it’s a good idea and kept reminding me what happened the last time I tried this whole second job idea. I assured him…it’s different when it’s down the street from your house. So he prepares for the worst and pumps my bike up with extra air. How sweet he is.

I interviewed with 2 very nice owners who are trying to jump onto this whole frozen yogurt pinkberry craze with Frogurtz. They didn’t understand why I was applying, but wanted to meet me. I always make it very clear that I have a full time job that I don’t plan on leaving and am simply looking for some extra night and weekend hours to fill my time with. They were excited about my experience in marketing and mentioned…along with working in the store…we could definitely use someone like you to help us market the store…would that be something you would be interested in?? Can we say woohoo? I was more than ecstatic with the idea.

So there we go….the offer came, I accepted and after some handy calculations with Frogurtz and freelance design…(I need a company name don’t I)…I stand to potentially net an additional monthly income of $1,000 or so. Keep this up every month up until our wedding…and that all adds up to $10 g’s! Granted…$1,000 extra every month might not sound like a lot to some people for all the work I do…but for us…our dollar will hopefully go a very long way. And plus…what’s a girl to do with all her time anyway? Ric’s in school…and when he’s not there….he’s working…and when he’s not working…he’s at the library. So there we go…another W2 to file next year.

UPDATE: Some people have asked me…is this really worth your time? To work a few hours a week and make so little?  But I think I see a much bigger picture! Plus…what do I have to lose, right? I think second jobs are not for everyone so I don’t encourage it under the following circumstances:

  • You live a jet setting lifestyle on the weekends and have many socializing activities during the night
  • You have other obligations that are dependent on you like a husband and children
  • Your full time work demands many overtime hours and a lot of travel
  • Your life is unpredictable and spontaneous
  • You enjoy doing absolutely nothing, days off from work, having your weekends, or extracurricular activities

It goes without saying…a second job can have its benefits. I’ve heard people who have paid off their entire student loan by working nights as a FedEx package handler. I have many co-workers who at one point worked part time jobs to save enough for a down payment on a house. So if you’re thinking about it…I would say GO for it! Many companies will ask you why another job when you have a perfectly good one in place? Why another job with a college degree? But someone out there will understand you and your second job ways. Good luck!


One thought on “What do you get with Frozen + Yogurt?

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