weekend round-up

I know I’m a little late, but better late than never right? It has been an exhausting few weeks and finally, I get this weekend all to myself. Friday started off with attending a taping of Two and a Half Men. We couldn’t bring our camera’s inside the studio so all I have show you is our parking tix and our programs. I know…boring huh…but I didn’t have the heart to go up and dance for an autographed photo 😦

Some interesting things about going to a taping:

  • Be sure to bring a jacket. It’s freezing cold inside because the AC is cranked up way high for the crew.
  • There are always about 20-25 people on set the whole time…it’s amazing how they do it.
  • We were there from 5-10:30 pm. Taping doesn’t start until 7…but holy smokes…all this for a 22 minute sitcom?
  • Each take is done twice or more and and pay careful attention, because they slip in even more funny stuff on the second take to throw you off.
  • Your laughter is recorded so scenes done off the lot are played on television monitors for the audience.
  • They always play the previous episode for the audience before they start taping.
  • There’s an Emcee for the entire time keeping the energy of the audience alive. It was very tiring to laugh over and over again. He plays games in between takes to keep things interesting.
  • They feed you cheese pizza.

I think that’s it. So…next time…we’re thinking of The Big Bang Theory or New Adventures with Old Christine. If you’re in the area and would like to attend a taping, visit: http://www.tvtickets.com/


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