Katy Dea -soon to be- Matsumoto Bridal Shower

So I hate to admit it…but I was too lazy to take pictures because I already knew that since Jasmin was there, her pictures would be beautiful. And they were! Take a look for yourself.

The shower that gives back and keeps on giving. You can tell how loved Katy is by her family and good friends. In honor of her love for travel, career as a flight attendant and international flair, her shower was the most beautifully laid out shower I had ever been to. Guest were asked to bring toileries for donation to a non-profit organization and her bridesmaid hosted a delicious lunch with all her favorite things. Yummy goodies included Panini’s and Crepes from Paris, a steak cobb salad from Firestones (San Luis Obsipo), Haupia from Hawaii, Lamb Shwarma’s from New York, Sangria from Spain and many more.

A natural jet-setter, I never know where Katy might be. One week she’s in South America and the next, she’s in New York City. So of course, a destination wedding in Hawaii next month perfectly suits her and her fiance Dan! Congratulations to a fun loving couple and happy wedding in Hawaii!


2 thoughts on “Katy Dea -soon to be- Matsumoto Bridal Shower

  1. Jackie says:

    Looks like you had a lot of fun! I’m so happy for you! I miss you much!


  2. […] 23, 2009 Filed under: Uncategorized — (ān’jelēk) @ 6:44 pm Katy Dea -soon to be- Matsumoto Bridal Shower August 21, 2008 Filed under: wedding — (ān’jelēk) @ 6:26 am Edit […]

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