one year from today…{08.15.09}

In the end…my heart always came back to San Luis Obispo. We knew a large amount of our wedding guests will have to do some traveling, but it will be worth every mile…I promise. Off the beaten path through country dirt roads without any designated lanes or stoplights, I had the most wonderful feeling when I pulled up to our venue. I knew this would be the place…and everything felt right.

I introduce to you….Tiber Canyon Ranch, a simple and rustic olive ranch perfect for our celebration. This venue just recently started doing weddings so it’s all a bit new to them, but they’ve been very successful. All outdoors, overlooking the canyon and surrounded by trees…I’m overjoyed by our selection. Not only can we provide our own alcoholic beverages, but our DJ will have free reign to play music outdoors so we can shake it all night long beneath the stars. Some charm about Tiber Canyon Ranch:

  • The Bridal Suite was built completely out of recycled wood

  • The ceremony area has a platform that overlooks the canyon surrounded by beautiful manzanita trees. Guest are seated theatre style so everyone has a great view…including the bride and groom. The stone aisle also makes for a great walkway.

  • The reception area has been used by many parties with long tables. But because our event will be on a much smaller scale, we’ll have round tables instead with the dance floor in the middle. The “dance” floor is that funny space off to the side (see photo below), but it seems so far away, doesn’t it? It’s also much smaller in person so we’ll turn that into the cocktail hour lounge area. The owner, Chris Anderson and her husband are also artists by trade. They’re glass blowers and their work can be seen throughout the property. The lights on top of the rail were all blown and handmade my Chris, each one different and unique when you look inside…but the same on the outside.

Everyone told us…focus on finding the right venue and everything else will fall into place. We are very happy and can’t wait for all that God has planned for us. We hope you’re excited to celebrate with us as much as we are with you. See you all in San Luis Obispo…August 2009.


2 thoughts on “one year from today…{08.15.09}

  1. Jasmin says:

    It’s beautiful Angelique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Ooohhhh…. Can’t wait!!!

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