I'm a Winner!

I can’t say I’ve never won anything in my life before because that would be a lie. I’ve won a few things here and there and just recently, I won tickets to the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach. It’s some type of art festival that’s pretty big down here in the summer time so it should be fun. I made a comment on the OC Register under their entertainment section online and I can’t believe I won them.

Another good thing to do? If you’re going to visit a city you’ve never been to before…always request information from the Conventions and Visitor’s Bureau. Not only do they give you great coupons…but in our case…free tickets to the Long Beach Aquarium. When we had first moved to the area…I requested a free map and because I requested the map…the also gave us free tix!

On top of that…I will fulfill a task from my “Things to do before I turn 25” list tomorrow night.  #15) Attend a show taping in Los Angeles. We were able to get our hands on some tix for Two and a Half Men. You know…the one with Charlie Sheen. Ricardo LOVES that show…and I like it..but it can be a little too harsh for me at times.

How awesome is that!! And seriously…best of all? Our tickets were free. There are so many things you can do for free in Southern CA, I should publish a list. Next Friday? The MOLAA…Museum of Latin American Arts! And guess what? Friday’s are free to visit…no entrance fees.


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