alcoholic beverages

How does one calculate alcoholic beverages for their guests? Ric estimates 8 beers for each guest and his cousin Carlos estimates even more at 10 beers for each guest. At most…we’ll have 100 people so that means we have to have at least 1000 bottles of coronas and negro modelos? Oh dear…this could be problematic being …we know his side will probably drink all of theirs and 1/2 of my side. So…we’ll compromise here since:

  1. Children don’t drink beer
  2. My parents won’t drink beer
  3. Our pastor might have a beer, but I’m sure he won’t have 10
  4. Same with our DJ
  5. Same with my brothers
  6. Same with about every Asian person in attendance

I guess beer is beer. If you provide it, they will come…and drink all of it.


2 thoughts on “alcoholic beverages

  1. conno cat says:

    here’s a good article around drinks at an event.

    roughly estimate 2 drinks for first hour per person. then 1 drink for each hour following. then it balances it out with those who drink and don’t drink. plus a few extra for those alchies 😉

  2. jasmin says:

    LOL Cat that sounds good but I don’t know if it takes into account that a large percentage of the guests are Asian – super sensitive to alcohol and super shady (aka will be bringing their own costco stash). For that, you might want to halve whatever total you come up with. =)

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