special delivery at the office

A few weeks ago, I received some flowers at the office. They were the cutest darn bunch and it looked suspicious because Ric had just bought me flowers a few days before. Of course for no reason. But by now…I know his sense of floral expertise…and let’s just say…these were definitely NOT from him. He usually goes for something a little more wild! So I was thinking…perhaps a secret admirer?

So no secret admirer …because I thought it was that Fed Ex delivery guy who’s been giving me the eye lately. Turns out it was Becca, someone I consider as one of my best friends who currently lives up in Portland with her fiance Scott. She sent the flowers to ask me if I would stand with her as she marries Scott next June in Temecula. How could I say no to such a beautiful bunch and a beautiful couple. With both of them inheriting blonde hair and blue eyes…I think they’re going to have the most beautiful babies.


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