catering menu

I was so excited this afternoon as the caterer we are currently considering sent over a most fabulous menu. My mouth was watering and I was so excited…I didn’t know what to do so I come to blog with excitement. Not to spoil the surprise for my guests…I have to keep it all a secret, which makes me sad. So we’re considering passed hor d’oeuvres and stationary appetizers. I was thinking…shoot…our party is so small, who needs passed hor d’oeuvres? She’s so hilarious…I almost pee’d in my pants. She tells me…it’s up to you…but when you have stationary appetizers…there’s always three people who hover around the table and eat all the food. And then someone else starts talking to an old friend and starts to get nervous that there will be no more food and before you know it…one guy ate all the torts. So it’s nice to be talking to people and have the food come to you. Darn she’s good.


One thought on “catering menu

  1. MELI MEL says:

    Hahaha I looove hearing all about your planning process. It’s hilarious and also helpful for when MY time finally comes. Btw, I absolutely love the barn idea – its just like you to come up with the most amazing ideas. You using a wedding planner?

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