the "edna" options

My second and third choice? A charming Bed and Breakfast in Edna called “Suite Edna” and Edna Valley Vineyard.

Suite Edna: A bed and breakfast that has three bedrooms. When you rent this place for the weekend, the entire place is yours. There is an additional charge if you have more than 2 guests for the other two bedrooms, but it’s not too bad. The owner Pattea Torrance was very nice and we had exchanged emails a few times back and forth. She told us to give her a call when we were in town for the 4th of July to set up a time to meet and talk. But…I wasn’t surprised…when we got into town and called her, there was no answer. We left a message and no one returned the call. We went over there anyway because we knew no one would be around and was a little disappointed. She mentioned they had held small weddings there before, but I think they must have been really small. The layout was funny and we tried to make it work in our head, but it just wasn’t the right one. Plus…she was unresponsive and that has become one of my pet peeves. Unresponsive vendors. But….there was a tether ball in the back and that brought back good memories of our childhood. Although it wasn’t right for our wedding venue, I would still consider to use it as a bridal suite. So we stuck around for a bit and then headed off for Edna Valley Vineyard.

Edna Valley Vineyard: I’m not a fan of rules and regulations, but I guess without them, there would be chaos. Edna was beautiful, but not what I was going for. Ricardo gave it the thumbs up easily because of its convenience and having weddings down to a science. They have so many here…I’m sure they’ve perfected every bride’s worry. But I don’t know…I just didn’t get that feeling. And they’ve got so many rules such as:

  • Only Edna Valley wines are allowed for the event and must be purchased via the vineyard
  • Amplified music allowed only in the indoor area
  • A 10% service fee will be added to additional rental contracts (so i have to pay another 10% for my caterer, dj, etc.)
  • More miscellaneous crud in the contract

This whole wedding industry makes so much moola off people, it’s crazy! Everything’s marked up and you MUST read all the fine print because this is where they get you. So it was a no-go for this little unincorporated town.

You know what the best thing is? I have such great friends…no matter where we have our wedding, they’ll always be ready for a great party. They would dance the night away if we wedded in a junkyard…along the creek…next to a van down by the river…behind a landfill. At least that’s what I’m hoping! 🙂

It’s hard to imagine a venue all dressed up for your wedding because when you see it…it’s this bare and empty space. It’s like a blank canvas and the only thing you can do is close your eyes, imagine the tables set with the dinnerware and centerpieces, the decorations and flowers all in the right place, and hope for the best.

Moving on to another tough question. To have a Mariachi band or to not?? I was very adamant in this area and firmly said “NO Mariachi band!”…but I can tell Ricardo’s family is itching for one every time we talk about the wedding. So I inquired with my brothers and Antoine replied back: “Hell Yeah” with the attached photo:

I just don’t know friends…I just don’t know.


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