other venue considerations…

Am I just driving you crazy yet? I promise to post about our venue soon. Now that I’ve built up all this hype and anticipation…you’re probably expecting something phenomenal and grand, exquisite and magical, divine and superb? But I just want you to experience what I went through researching endlessly for the perfect place!

There were many other venue considerations. I requested so many contracts, I can’t tell you how many emails I have from wedding coordinators I’ve contacted. I’ll admit…I did leave my region and even went a little north of San Jose to consider Napa Valley locations. Below are some other venues I considered…but trust me…there were many more.

  • Holland Ranch –  San Luis Obispo



  • Chateau Julien – Carmel

  • Pasolivo – Paso Robles
  • Auberge du Soleil – Napa Valley


  • Sycamore Hot Springs – Avila Beach

  • Avila Beach Resort

  • The Cliff in Pismo Beach


  • Silverhorse Winery – San Miguel


  • Swallow Creek Ranch – Cayucos



I know after awhile, every place looks the same. You see photos with the same depictions…white chairs and an aisle…dinner tables with candles. But oh MY…how an amazing photograph can tell such a beautiful story. Can you tell I had one theme that I was a little attached to? I love BARNS! Maybe it was that darn “Disneyana” red barn I saw so many times going home to San Jose when I was at Cal Poly that brainwashed me. So…after all this time…I find a place that has a barn, but I don’t know what to use it for. You’ll see soon…

*Assorted photographs from Cameron Ingalls and Allyson Magda. Two amazing central coast photographers.


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