and the wedding venue goes to…

And the wedding venue goes to….ooohh….before I tell you. Let’s first go through a few of the places I had my eye on. I didn’t have dreams of a princess wedding growing up. I mean…c’mon…I had three brothers and not too much of a tomboy…but I wasn’t too girly girl either. I wanted something rustic and very organic. A natural setting, but romantic and intimate. I also wanted one location where both ceremony and reception would take place in so the party would start immediately without having to ask people to travel to the reception location. Not only is this difficult to do, but more frustrating than I thought because one must truly love both aspects of the location. I didn’t want to love the ceremony area, but felt so-so on the reception. I wanted to love it all. We limited our locale between San Luis Obispo to San Jose. No more north and no more South. SLO town because it’s where we met and how can anyone resist this small town? Plus…Ric’s family lives there. And moving up…we would consider coastal towns such as Cambria, Big Sur, Monterey, Carmel, Santa Cruz, Los Gatos and San Jose. And so the search began…a looong time ago.

1. Nestldown in Los Gatos. Ahh…this place is amazing…from what I can tell from photo’s at least. How I dreamed of having my wedding here. Nestled in between Redwood trees and a barn so rustic and charming, I thought…this was the one and none other can do. Until one see’s the price tag on this baby.

Saturday Weddings

  • May – October, 2009 Base Price – Up to 150 guests ~ $11,250.00
    151 – 200 guests – add $25.00 for each additional guest over 150.
    201 – 350 guests – add $50.00 for each additional guest over 200
  • November & April, 2009 Base Price – Up to MAX 150 guests ~ $7500.00
  • March, 2009 Base Price – Up to MAX 150 guests ~ $6000.00
  • December – February, 2009 (Barn Area Only) Base Price – Up to MAX 150 guests ~ $4500.00

Yes ladies and gentleman….your eyes are fooling you not. $11,250 for a Saturday wedding in August. The price changes a bit if you change your days and season, but nonetheless…it’s a hefty price to pay and this only includes the ceremony and reception site. Food and beverage, floral, decor and misc. items have not been included. Ahhh….but look at the photo’s and you can see why. My heart was broken when I had to pass up this venue. I only hope to be lucky enough to attend a wedding here one day.

This place has wonderful perks. I still can’t get them out of my head:

  • A London taxi cab to drive the bride and groom from the ceremony location up the barn reception.
  • A train for guest to take a ride around the property while the bride and groom take photos
  • A hobbit house and garden for the young at heart and children to frolick in

    Stay tuned in for my other venue considerations and see where our hearts
    fluttered with excitement when we made our decision.


One thought on “and the wedding venue goes to…

  1. Jasmin says:

    Beautiful! …but I can’t wait to see pictures of your venue!

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