Web Worries

I’m so embarrassed. I really am. So apparantly I MUST have clicked on a junk mail link because now I have a bug on my computer that frequently brings up adult rated pop ups. Ugghh…so you wonder why I even check my junk mail right? Well…have you ever missed important mail thats gone into the junk mail folder? It happened to me a few times so every once in a while…I’ll go into my junk mail folder.

I told Ric and he told me funny thing is this guy at his work had the same problem. He tells Ric….”I don’t look at that stuff man, but now you think I do, don’t you?” Hahaha…..because no matter what you tell people…they’ll think…..yeah right. So good thing….the IT girl is my best friend at work.

After a long weekend…we were tired and did not want to go to the gym. But we tried to be good and went anyway. The thing is…our YMCA is right next to a Teriyaki Grill and they leave the doors open so when you’re in the workout room at 6 pm…the tantilizing smell of dinner starts to creep through and you just get hungrier. It’s been kind of quiet lately there and I suppose its because everyone’s probably taking summer vacations. The best is when I go to my classes and no one’s in there except me and Daphne…the instructor. I pretend like she’s my personal trainer and I’m getting ready for a fight. Okay not really…because all we talk about is all things wedding and food. She’s from the bay area, got married last year, is a few years olders than me, and super fun to talk with. I made a new friend…yippee.


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