Wedding Weekend in Carmel and Monterey

It was such good fun to see old friends this weekend in Monterey. And what could be better than seeing your friends happy and in great spirits. Derek and Diem’s wedding was beautiful from their ceremony location at The Carmel Mission to their reception venue at the Club Del Monte at the Monterey Naval Postgraduate School. It was a lavish and grand affair, but a job well done.

Photo’s courtesy of Jasmin Canlas. You can tell which photo’s Jasmin took with her professional camera…she’s one talented chica.

From Monterey, we took Highway 1 to San Luis Obispo on Sunday to get home. Surprisingly, I didn’t get car sick and the ride was wonderful. If you’ve never done this before…it has to be one of the most beautiful drives I’ve ever taken.

From learning about Edmundo’s love for Celine Dion to Derek getting his hand slapped for calling out a lady who had hairy legs on the microphone for all 350 guests to hear…we had a wonderful time. We fished late into the night, ate taco’s that practically came from Mexico and got to hang out with our most favorite friends. Woo-hoo for that. We have this weekend to relax and back up to the bay area we go for another wedding in two weeks. Another joyous celebration to attend.


One thought on “Wedding Weekend in Carmel and Monterey

  1. Reads2much says:

    It was good to see you Ange!!

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