better today

I couldn’t believe how sick I felt yesterday. I probably went to the restroom 18 times because I felt like I was going to throw up. of course…every time I went inside…there was no one. But the one time I go and actually throw up…I think 8 people came in and out. I feel bad for all the people who had to listen to me. I really do.

Ahhh….today is a much better day. I can’t believe how wonderful drugs can make one feel. We have a big weekend ahead of us. Ric and I were suppose to go up to SLO tomorrow to visit a wedding venue and then to Monterey for a Sat. wedding. But…he has to work because his office has been swamped so instead…I’ll be going up alone all the way to Monterey. He’ll fly in Sat morning for the wedding and ride home back with me on Sunday. I really hope this venue works out. Ric’s choice was Edna Valley Vineyard, which is beautiful, but I didn’t get the right feeling about it. I had my eye on a really cute bed and breakfast, but the venue would be too small to accommodate for our already small wedding. Bummer.

Being a little bored and obsessive, I’ve designed my invitations 3 times. At least I have options I suppose. To save on cost, I have tons of DIY projects up my sleeve. Plus, I work with some great engineers and architects who have power tools…ahh….how I long for a garage one day to own power tools. So…it doesn’t just end with an invitation. With them, I’ve also designed the save the dates, reply cards, place cards, maps, programs, table names, miscellaneous signage and a million other things. My color scheme is forever changing and I’ve thought about joining the wedding bee. But who knew I needed to apply to be a wedding bee blogger. And I have to be within 7 months of my wedding so maybe I’ll do that when I’m actually 7 months away from the actual event.

In any case…more updates to come after this weekend.


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