small prank goes south

My boss volunteers to keep our Diet Coke pool fully stocked for the office, but last week…he dropped the ball and the cokes ran out. This morning he lost his favorite mug and sent out the email below:


I have misplaced my Northrop Grumman coffee mug. It’s blue, it was a gift from one of the PM’s at Northrop.

I am very heartbroken this morning.


Has anyone seen it?




BTW – There is a new supply of Diet Coke in the break room. Sorry for the delay. If you were holding my coffee

mug hostage, please release him.


So…finding it funny…I wrote a ransom note with my left hand telling him to place a dollar in the diet coke pool and his mug will return safely to him. So he takes off to put a dollar in the fridge, all the while freakin cracking me up. The thing is…I really don’t know where is mug is. What do I do???? How do I come clean…he’s going to totally hate me. I need to find this mug!


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