Noisy, Nuisance Neighbors

I don’t believe I’ve ever told you about my neighbor upstairs. When we first moved in, she was wonderful. She was sweet, took our mail in when we were out of town, and just very pleasant all around. She was starting a garden in front of our complex and decided to have a victory garden celebration. She was recovering from cancer and the garden would represent her victory over this disease she conquered. She registered at a local nursery and all I had to do was call in my order for the plants I wanted to include. While Ricardo locked himself in the house that day, I chose to partake. I came outside and this tiny small garden was filled with all of her woman friends. And I should have known…but I guess I wasn’t that aware then. It was a little overwhelming so I went back into the house to hide with Ric. The garden turned out beautiful and I thought nothing of her “friends.” Fast forward a few weeks and I started waking up to “noises” in the middle of the night. And then it hit me…she only had woman friends (not the most feminine) and these “noises” coming from her apt. late in the night were noises we had heard before from other neighbors. I hate to say it, but I got a little sick thinking about it. Just the idea I guess. So it went on for a few weeks until I woke up again one night at 3 am and I was so angry. They were disturbing my sleep. And who knew…but our complex has quiet time from 9 pm to 6 am I think Monday – Friday. I thought that was so awesome. In any case…in my rage of anger, I wrote a letter. And I was so scared to leave it in her mailbox because I think that’s like a federal crime or something to do that. But I did it anyway. And I stapled a noise policy from the City of Long Beach to my letter. And then guess what?? It was placed back into my mailbox the same day. I wonder what this all meant! Was she mad? Was she saying…in your face, I don’t care about your darn letter? I didn’t understand that gesture at all. It made me so confuesed. Well…she has never looked at us again when we crossed paths. She has said hello, but has never gone back to asking us about our day or any of that small talk she used to do so much of. So because of my letter, I’ve lost a great neighbor. But let’s see…I guess we’ve had our share of strange neighbors.

  • San Luis Summer Studio Sublet: Our first place we lived in was a studio for a summer sublet. We will never live in a studio again, our neighbor was this very interesting thai girl…I think? Anyway…she always left in the middle of the night…and had strange men come over? I can’t remember too much, but I do remember Ric thinking she was a lady of the night. The stories we come up with.
  • San Luis Obispo – 2804 Augusta: Our most favorite placed we lived at, but not for too long until we moved to Southern CA. Our neighbors below made violent late night “noises” and that drove me up the wall. I would stomp like a caveman above their bedroom, but that didn’t stop them. And our neighbor next to us was a nice, but strange Indian man. When he moved out a week before we did, he wrote us a letter and stuck it on our door. He said something like we were so lucky to have each other and he never knew why he always liked asian woman, but now he did. What a freakin weirdo! I was kind of scared after that…but whatever. It was a pretty long letter that made little sense. Ahh…people are so strange. 
  • Tustin, CA: I think our apt. next door was cursed. Living there for a year, we had seen three or four groups of people move in and out. Our favorite were the sisters from New York. There were about 4 of them I think and they were always getting in to trouble. The police came quite a few times. Some squad unit came one time and they staked out next to our door in the wee early morning hours. And then they saw someone come up the stairs and all hell broke loose. The door was broken down and everyone was placed in handcuffs. It was pretty exciting to see all this happen and to be so close. I would stand next to my door looking through the peephole to see what would happen next. And one time, I was home alone when the maintenance guy knocked on our door. I looked through the door and saw his face and for fear of being kidnapped and hacked up into little pieces, I didn’t answer. I know…I watch way too much t.v. It’s probably a good thing we left that place.

There are many reasons I SO look forward to owning a home one day. But mostly because I won’t have to put up with all of the above. But who knows…I’m sure homeowners have a butt load of other things they have to deal with too.


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