july 4th

We left for San Luis mid day Thursday and arrived right in time for the Farmers’ Market. It was just like old times again and it felt so nice to be back in San Luis. It’s funny to think I had spent a part of my life there and to feel like I’ll probably never live that lifestyle again makes me a tad sad. In any case…we spent Friday bbq-ing with the family and headed over to Ric’s aunt and uncle’s house in Oceano for fireworks and home made tortilla’s. The carne asada tacos we made were DELICIOUS! Of course…we stopped at a fireworks trailer on the way there to pick up some TNT. Oceano is one of the few towns that allow fireworks so on our way there…Ric was telling me this was how he spent his July 4th when he was younger. Everyone on the street parked their lawn chairs out in front of the yard and the streets were so smoky at one point…I thought for sure the fire department would come out. We lit everything we had in sight from sundown until 1 in the morning. These people are CRAZY…..the fun just never stopped.

After blowing up all of our explosives…everyone kept saying…”We need to call Freddy! Freddy always has the hook up. Anyone have his cell phone number?” It was Freddy this and Freddy that…and then all of a sudden Freddy shows up and everyone got so EXCITED. And guess who Freddy turns out to be? I was picturing a 40 year old man who crosses the border to get some high power TNT…but nope. Turns out Freddy was this little cute thing…who apparantly had all the hook up. Ric looks like a flannel marshmallow doesn’t he?

Meet BEAU! A new Navarro…




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