It’s Saturday night and we’re lounging around from a full day of shopping for new work clothes. I must admit…men are so much easier to shop with, to shop for, etc. etc. etc. First off…let me describe to you Ricardo’s style since I do most of his shopping anyway. When I met him…he thought it was unbelievable that people had more than one pair of shoes. He would wear one completely out before buying new ones…so after awhile…I finally convinced him that he could have more than one pair of shoes to keep things interesting. To mix it up every once in awhile. He’s pretty much a country boy at heart I think. He also never grew up with a mall. So he didn’t understand the concept of going to a mall to go shopping and spending hours there. So he was appalled of the idea of spending more than an hour or two at the mall. He also doesn’t believe in t-shirts. When we’re out…you will NEVER see him in a t-shirt. In fact…I don’t think he’s ever gone out to public in a t-shirt since I’ve been with him and I’m not even exaggerating one bit. Look at all our pictures and you’ll only see him in a button up or polo. Weird right? He also can’t stand the sound of ice or leaves crunching and the feel of cotton balls on his fingertips freaks him out. Seriously…I don’t get it. It kind of freaks me out that these things freak him out.

So we’re staying up pretty late because I can’t sleep and we come across Cheaters…a fun show to watch when you’re bored. Secretos (a spanish version) is even more fun to watch. And the scenario was…of course…a girl was cheating on her boyfriend of 4 years and this was how it went down:

Old Boyfriend: (Finds her at a bar) What are you doing? Who are you here with?
Cheating Girlfriend: No one…I’m here with no one (right..I always go to a bar alone)
Old Boyfriend: Who is this guy? Why are you doing this to us?
New Boyfriend: I’ve been dating her for a few months man. Who are you??
Old Boyfriend: I’m her boyfriend of 4 years..that’s who I am!
Cheating Girlfriend:  I’m sorry (fake crying). I’m sorry. (And then she’s mad and starts screaming) You never want to do anything! All we do is stay home and watch t.v. You’re such a cheap ass…all you do is work and save your money. We’re in our twenties and we’re saving for retirement. We stay home and you’re always on your computer.
Old Boyfriend: I’m saving for us! For our future! So we can get married!
Joey Greco (host): Well…you might be surprised to see but your new boyfriend isn’t in such good shape. Here are some delinquit bills we found in his trash. (He’s such a great instigator. That bastard!)
Cheating Girlfriend: No….no. You must have the wrong person…this can’t be him. (Examines late bills) And she runs after old boyfriend….(crying, crying, crying) I’m so sorry. I want to be with you. Please forgive me…I want to get married and have your children (crying, crying, crying)
Old Boyfriend: (forgives her)

Sad isn’t it? Well…even more sad is this is our life. But I have no inkling for leaving Ricardo to hang out at the bars with some guy who can’t pay his bills on time. I’m just fine and dandy with my honey bunny. We look at eachother and start to laugh hysterically…I mean. We’re normal right? And I can’t compare us to this crazy couple because we do things….not alot…but we don’t sit around and do nothing. I mean…sometimes we do…but not all the time. Anyway…I couldn’t get away with cheating on Ric because I think it would be way too hard to keep track of all my lies. I’d probably get them mixed up and have to live a life of paranoia. I couldn’t do it. I guess that means I can’t live the playa lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of. Darn!!!

We’ll be up in San Luis Obsipo for Fourth of July relaxin and having a big ole BBQ with tri-tip and all the ribs I can put in my tummy. Have a great rest of the week.



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