decisions, decisions…

This weekend was a little too warm for me, but nonetheless…we survived. Becca’s mom threw her and Scott a beautiful backyard dinner engagement party. Dianne has an impeccable eye for design and if she wasn’t a psychologist, event planning would definitely be her thing. She was thrilled when I asked her to be my unofficial wedding planner for our wedding. I wish I had pictures of the table setting, but we were having too much fun to take one so I’ll try to get one from Becca later this week. We dined on lamb chops and salmon…right off the grill. Had root beer floats for dessert and shared funny stories of the two people we’ve grown to love so much.

Although summer has only begun, I feel like half of it is already gone. The past few weeks have been so hectic for us and it’s so funny when something changes, all of a sudden everything moves at a much faster pace. After much thought this weekend (and its never easy), Ric decided to join Disney Corporate and will be starting next Monday. I’m a little sad because I really like the people at The Aubrey Group and they’ve been extremely wonderful to us. It’s kind of sad to think we won’t ever see them again. No more polka dancing (I’ll tell you about that another time) and holiday parties. I’ll be sure to take some pictures of his champagne send off on Friday and post them up later.

We looked at his Disney Summer Activity calendar and his first day includes dinner and a movie with a film screening of Disney-Pixar’s WALL•E…what kind of business is that? Along with film screenings, he’ll be going to concerts, an Angels game, taking backstage studio tours, hanging out at the ESPN Zone, going bowling, etc, etc, etc, and I know he must be working somewhere in between all this…I just don’t know where yet. I’ll admit it, I am a little envious of all his perks, but I’m more excited for him to meet new people and experience a different challenge towards his career. And yes I’ll try to get some tix…that was your next question wasn’t it? 🙂



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