summer of savings

One advantage I look forward to this summer is gas savings. With Ric working full time this summer in Irvine, instead of carpooling twice a week, we’ll be carpooling every day this summer. Yippee.

Advantages of carpooling:

  • Lower gas prices
  • Eco-friendly to the environment
  • No driving for me
  • Carpool lanes = No Traffic (or very little)
  • I’ve only seen one car get pulled over for driving alone in the carpool lane. My dream is to see someone get pulled over for crossing the double yellow lanes to get into or out of the carpool lanes. I’ll be on the lookout this summer.

Disadvantages of carpooling:

  • I’m held hostage at work everyday until my carpool buddy comes to pick me up, which means…I have to stay later.
  • Risk of carpool buddy forgetting he has the car (this happened once), hence forgetting to get his buddy
  • No control of music in the car
  • I can’t sing as loud as I want in the car. Well…I guess I can, but I would be so embarrassed.

hmm…I guess the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, so for the next three days, I should really enjoy my “me time” in the car. Because come Friday, I’ll be with my buddy for the rest of the summer.  


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