breakfast and the beach

Anticipating for a beautiful and very warm weekend, I’ve had Saturday planned out since the week before. Ric woke up with a crazy craving for pancakes so we headed down to a cafe on second street and had breakfast. We discovered the parking meters don’t charge before 10 am so we already felt like winners. We had a delicious breakfast, picked up some sunblock from Rite Aid (Ricardo still calls it Thrifty’s because of their ice cream), and headed over to the beach.

A co-worker once told me he heard that kayaking doubles could ruin a relationship so he vows to never do it with his wife. We all laughed so hard, I almost peed in my pants…and then I thought back to the first time Ricardo and I kayaked doubles…and he was right! Well…not really, but it was pretty funny looking back. We were out in Morro Bay and we both felt the other person wasn’t pulling there weight. We ran into a few boats in our way…you know…the usual kayaking obstacles. So we were frustrated and didn’t really have a good time, but pretended we did. Ahhh…but I think this goes for all things tandem. Because we’ve tried tandem biking as well…there’s a rhythm to doing certain things in sync so both parties must be super patient!

Although…this time…it would be different. We were in much calmer water and they even gave us a map to use. Joy! We headed out towards Naples and went through the canal to look at all the houses. which are amazing, because essentially, what you’re doing is going through people’s back yard. They all have docks and beautiful boats…they call Naples Little Italy and it’s probably a life I can only imagine…because after we did this, I looked up home prices in Naples and they were quite pricey.


We started off a little rough trying to find our rowing rhythm:

But after we realized we were in paradise:

 We kicked back, relaxed, and all was wonderful:

From there, I went off to lounge on the beach while Ricardo headed to the school library to study for his finals next week. And then I picked him up to go to the Main Library to get my very own Long Beach library card. I was so excited when I walked in. I’m able to check out up to 25 books at any one time. Can you imagine the possibilities? I can get craft books, reading books, cookbooks, travel books….and all at no charge. Even magazines! I can’t wait for my summer adventure…with books!! Now to start planning for Memorial Weekend…hmm…what to do, what to do?


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