How to spend my Riches?

What to do with my tax rebate? What to do with my tax return in general? I once received an extra $10 in my direct deposit last year and I was so excited…It was a new year and something changed and I had an extra $10. So I told Ric…”WOW! An extra $10 was on my check this week. I know EXACTLY where I’m going to spend it!!” I didn’t really know where it was going towards, but I knew it would be something good…like a new handbag or something. It was all fine and dandy…or so I thought. 

We do a lot of talking before we go to’s like our winding down time. So we’re sitting in bed…me reading like an old lady and Ric asks me…”Can we talk about something?” I get a little nervous because he sounded so serious. I told him sure…whats up? And he proceeds to tell me in his sweetest and most concerned voice, “It really bothered me when you found out you had an extra $10 in your deposit this week and the first thing you said was…you knew exactly where you were going to spend it. I was hoping for a response more like…you couldn’t wait to put it in your savings.” I think I chuckled or something. He did not appreciate this. He then went on to diagnose me with something funny like conjunction function….or something like that. I can’t remember…but he learned it somewhere in his accounting class and I guess I fall into one of those categories where if I make more, I’m more likely to spend more. The funny thing is…I’m really not a big spender, but my comment clearly revealed a slight character flaw that he was concerned with. He told me if I started to earn more…I should be saving more as well…not spending more. But it’s hard to do isn’t it? Those extra funds always find a place to go.

Ric’s the type of guy that once asked our flight attendant what our altitude was and tried to determine how fast we were flying. Or did he ask for the speed to determine how long we would be in the air? I’m not sure, but it was one of those moments where I just looked out the window to avoid eye contact with the attendant. Although, she giggled a little so maybe she was charmed by his question. And he has to know what’s the better deal so when we’re at Ralphs… he’ll calculate the price per ounce of gatorade to see if the six pack is the better deal or if the gallon size will save us more. I guess I should have known…he’s a pretty thrifty, but very smart fellow. When he was in high school, he saved enough money to buy his Camaro in cold cash before he even got his license and has always understood the value of a hard earned dollar. I really appreciate this side of him. 

I guess you grow to love someone’s quirks after being with them long enough and surely, it could be much worse right? What if he collected Nike Low Dunk Pro’s or was addicted to Japanese Anime? I mean…no offense to people who love either of the things I mentioned. But then…maybe I would just admire those quirks too I suppose. Or if he dressed up to go watch Star Wars in a Chewbaca costume…I might have a problem with that one. So thank goodness for quirks and for allowing them to make people so unique.

Our pastor told us…things change a bit when you’re engaged…even when you live together. We asked him why? He explained…because when you’re with someone…and they do something you don’t like…it doesn’t matter much and you kind of shrug it off because eventually you’ll get over it. But when you’re engaged…and the other person does something you don’t like…you’re now in a different mind frame. Now you’re thinking…oh my…is this something I can live with for the rest of my life so you’re more likely to speak up. Interesting. I love getting the persepective from a third party.   

Ahh…so I was so excited to see the extra funds Uncle Sam gave me this morning and to appease the other half…I told him YAY! I can’t wait to put it in my savings. He smiled.     


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