manic monday

Weekend was GREAT! Since it was hot, we decided to use the movie tickets my brother gave us last Christmas to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall at the theatres since it’s one of the few air conditioned places we wanted to be in. We went to the bookstore, had a beer at Rock Bottom Brewery…it was a nice a relaxing weekend. I need more of them! And then I spent Sunday running errands, spring cleaning and laundry. Laundry is the worst. Let me explain. I will show you a map below of of where I live and where our laundry mat is. It’s actually only a few blocks up from our place. So I use to have this wooden crate as our laundry basket that I would wheel up the block to do laundry with. So guess what happened…my worst fear!! I was wheeling it back home one day, when all of a sudden, one wheel lost control and just decided to give out and wheel off and I was only one block away from my house. Tell me how am I suppose to wheel a disabled cart with laundry galore back home? I had to resort to dragging the poor cart . The wood was burning against the concrete and I thought I was going to start a forest fire. It was quite embarrassing. I took the cart into my living room for maintenance repair, but there was no hope. It needs a full body replacement. Darn Ikea and their laundry carts.



One thought on “manic monday

  1. Jackie says:

    Aww pooor Angie!

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