fridays are wonderful

It’s Friday! Yay! Let’s see…how was my week? Productive I suppose. I was at a conference on Business and Ethics all day yesterday, which is always interesting. Since our company sponsors certain events and programs, we’re always invited to these functions. We usually attend a few golf tournaments in the summer and there’s a golf course that backs up to our office and you can putt for free so hopefully…it gets a bit warmer and I can hit the driving range again. Surprisingly, Ricardo enjoys the driving range so we’ll have to take my clubs out of my closet and put them back in my car. I had Happy Hour with some old co-workers from Vertis last night…so that was fun. My boss Jim turns 43 today so it’s been a festive morning. We hung a Happy Birthday sign across his office (the same one I use for everyone’s birthday) and gave him a morning birthday muffin with candles and a cup of hot coffee. He understands this will be the only time I will ever do this for him. He also enjoys words of affirmation so I’ve been showering him with compliments. He’s a funny guy. Some 80 year old lady saw him singing on t.v. a few weeks ago for a memorial and called the church and has requested him to sing at her funeral when she passes. Same songs and everything…isn’t that crazy? It’s like he’s got a gig, but he doesn’t know when!

Anyway…I digress…back to his birthday. Stephanie and I packed him a summer bag with a beach towel, sunscreen, $43 dollar bills for beach parking meter, movie tickets and a pack of slim jim’s in celebration for his fabulous weight loss since the new year. We have a calendar in my cube where you receive a star sticker on the days you work out at the gym. Between Stephanie, Jim and I….we were all doing pretty good, but Jim is the most consistent and we are so proud of him. Frankly, he’s been kicking out butts!



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