What Else is New?

About blogs…they are so much fun with pictures aren’t they? So…I promise I will try to include photos in all my postings. Back in February, Ricardo and I visited some friends up north and to see my parents for a very brief moment. So I have to tell you I have the most wonderful boss in the world. He’s seriously…the best boss I’ve ever had. I’m constantly sending him on business trips so he started this new thing where for every place he goes to…he picks me up a magnet. I know…not impressive right? Until…you realize one of my walls in my cube is completey magnetic so I have it filled with alien magnets from Roswell to rocketship magnets from Colorado. Even a turtle from Cabo and many other magnets. I’m not a collector of anything in particular, but I can just see it now. I’ll be 80 years old and magnets will cover my entire fridge and I’ll leave them all to my great grandchildren. He’s also a very giving boss. He won a portable DVD player from a convention and felt I was more deserving of the win so he gave it to me and couldn’t make it to a NASCAR event so those tix went to me and Ric as well. He didn’t give us any regular stand tix either…he gave us suite tix and we had so much fun. Check out the line for gas… 

What’s so funny?? Hmm…I still can’t remember what it was!







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