second…third job

Yay!!! I can’t believe it. I finally got a second job! Well..third in some sense but freelance design work doesn’t really count. In a few weeks, I’ll be at American Rag in their home division, Maison Midi for mostly nights and weekends. Isn’t that wonderful? Besides the great discount, they carry hip designers and have a really cute cafe connected to my department! I’m so excited!!!!



UPDATE: This gig lasted a measely pathetic 2.5 weeks. Why, you might ask? Well…I wanted holidays off and it was quite unfair to ask them for it all off. I had no choice. I needed the day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving day, Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas Eve, Christmas weekend, New Years Eve and New Years Day off. Plus, I was not willing to compromise. This is so unrealistic in retail so I don’t know why I got into it in the first place. Trust me…it was easier to just quit. There goes my second job idea.


2 thoughts on “second…third job

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