Holiday Plans

Yay! I can’t wait until the holidays. I LOVE this part of the year because time just flies by. It’s one thing after another. Check out my time line below and let me know if you would like to join in on any of the festivities!

Oct. 27 – We’re going to try to make it up to Avila Beach to visit our favorite pumpkin patch…we have to ride the magic carpet! We usually have a pumpkin carving contest. Although…we only carved one pumpkin last year because we had no one to judge it. I think we’re going back to the contest this year though.

Oct. 31 – Halloween. Dress up and pass out candy. I was thinking…I can be salt and Ric can be pepper? I know….how lame…but so simple.

Nov. 4 – NHRA Drag Races in Pomona. We went for the first rounds in early February…now we’re back to Pomona for the finals. Anyone wanna come?  

Nov. 17 – Thanksgiving reunion with Cal Poly Homies?

Nov. 22 – 25 Then comes Thanksgiving, which is scheduled for Ricardo’s family this year. The funny thing about being with someone who isn’t from your hometown is you have to switch up the holidays, but every once in a while…you wish it was your family’s year. In any case…I can’t WAIT for all the good stuff.

Dec. 24 – Christmas Eve. I’m thinking of shipping all of our gifts back home and spending Christmas in San Diego this year with just Ric and I. Parlty because I wanted to get him tickets to the Chargers vs. Bronco’s game on Christmas Eve. We will see…

Dec. 31 – New Years Eve. Maybe catch George Lopez in LA for a late show and New Years Eve countdown?

Okay…that’s all I have right now on the calendar…a little busy…but so much FUN!


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