Feels like something else…

Every Tuesday night, one of the beach clubs on the Belmont Shore shows different movies throughout the summer. I guess this year had more of a classic theme because so far they’ve shown movies like Singin in the Rain and Casablanca. We haven’t had a chance to make it out there until last night. We packed my bike basket with snacks and blankets and headed down to the beach. By the time we arrived, people had already claimed their spots. The large screen was then hoisted up and anchored between two palm trees. There were people all around us with picnic baskets, beach chairs, blankets and pillows. They were drinking wine and having their dinner and so much was going on. I felt like we were in a movie…or on an island far far away. Everything felt so foreign, but so romantic. There’s something about watching a movie outdoors on a cool night with the stars twinkling above you and the soft ocean waves behind you….it makes everything so serene and calm and I think…gee, this is how life should be.





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