Inspiration from HGTV

One of our favorite channels to watch is the HGTV channel. It makes us look forward to owning a home one day, but in the meantime…..our cozy one bedroom unit will have to do. We have a great closet that could potentially fit our two bikes inside, but needs a little bit of support to actually hold it up. So…we headed to Lowes, picked up some things that looked like they might work, but to our dissappointment, our home improvement project was unsuccessful. So now…our bikes are back to where they were before…in the kitchen…which drives me crazy. We do have one laundry room on site that I can put my bike inside, but there is a sign that reads, “No STORAGE.” Bummer.

Besides that…our weekend was wonderful. Biked to the beach with our towels and some magazines. Passed by the Huntington Beach Surf Competition, but it was way too crowded to get off and take a look. Put some things up on Craigslist. Hmm….it was more productive than I thought….


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