Healthier Snacking

I’ve learned many things co-habitating with a young man, but mostly, I’ve had to learn how to deal with a hungry man.  Ric will come home, check the fridge and find nothing. He’ll check the pantry and will often reach for the salty snacks such as bbq potato chips or peanuts, which can be annoying at times when there are apples, grapes and nectarines in the fridge. Usually….I just put all the fruit in our fridge drawers, but….I’ve become smart and tricked him once again. I washed all the fruit in the fridge over the weekend and arranged them in single serving sizes so they look irresistibly delicious. I then positioned them at eye level so when he opens the fridge, SURPRISE, there would be plump grapes and round cherries staring straight back at him. To my surprise, it worked! As I sat on the couch yesterday….I heard him head straight to the fridge….as I anticipated for the door to close and hear the ruffling noise of a potato chip bag…all I heard was…”oohh, grapes.” woohoo…mission accomplished.



One thought on “Healthier Snacking

  1. robiN says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHa … saaweeet!

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